Los Angeles


600 Members Andrew Brinkhaus, Joshua Cote, & Chris Herr alongside DP Kevin Stiller are working  with the group #3DAgentsOfShields around the clock to produce as many face shields as possible that they then deliver to healthcare professionals in need. 3D printing material allows the group to make re-usable masks with proper sanitizing methods. Presently they are able to print 100 shields a day but that number is growing rapidly! To help, donate funds, or learn how you can do this yourself email kevinstillerdp@gmail.com

Albuquerque, NM

Member Meghan Noce, with the help of DP James Kwan and IATSE 700 member Ryan Denmark has put together resources in Albuquerque, NM to 3d print face shields for our nurses and healthcare professionals. Starting with one printer and 15 face shields per day we are now growing. Thanks to community support we will soon be able to print around 60 per day. Special thanks to Panavision Albuquerque for lending their 3d printer to the cause to help donate more shields every week for our hard working healthcare professionals! Contact Meghan if you'd like to learn more.

Los Angeles


 "I've been sewing custom eye chamois and have sold close to 100 to DPs and ACs. Proceeds go to the 3D print face shield project that a bunch of camera department guys started in LA. At this point the limiting factor is plain chamois, the demand keeps increasing and donations are pouring in via venmo and the gofundme for the 3D printing page." You can email her at caitlinbrown755@gmail.com.

Los Angeles


Member Chris Burkett is Making FaceMasks - " I have a side business making camera AKS bags and raincovers and I have shifted everything into making surgical masks. Close to 250 made in the first week with a staff of 1. Shooting for 300 next week. Being sold to individuals and also being donated to medical workers. www.burkbags.net

Los Angeles


Member Dave Chameides Created a Doc to Make it Easy For People to Print Face Shields for Healthcare Professionals - " I saw her on 600Strong that members were printing face shields. I know nothing about 3D printing so did the research and jumped in. 36 hours after I opened the boxes I delivered my first shields and mask ties to an ER doc in our neighborhood. To make everything easier I put together a google doc that spells out everything you need to go from nothing to helping as simply as possible. You can access it at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1e_gpiEtA6ri_8fc_IloN5FOv40_BE0UWFvdxc2ml8YU/edit?usp=sharing

We received this from a member.

"Miss Michele DeLorimier renowned Digital Imaging Technician has been operating a weekly food delivery service for the elderly in her community. Michele has left behind a life of computers, LUTS and camera menus to provide for the elderly who need assistance during this time of crisis. She is too low key and too humble to submit the news herself so a fellow IA 600 member is submitting this info on her behalf."