New York

Member Nicco Quinto is Looking For Help In NYC

New York

600 Member Victor Lazaro put together a doc outlining what needs to be done and what equipment one needs in order to print face shields, something he has been doing in NYC. Check it out and get in touch if you want to start making your own! 


New York


Member Garreth Manwaring and his Wife Converted Their Coffee Shop, Roots Cafe, into a Food Pantry/Soup Kitchen In Brooklyn


"Since my job as the B 1st AC on The Blacklist has ended due to the virus my wife and I have been focusing on helping our neighborhood and our great city. We switched over our coffee shop that we own in Brooklyn to a food pantry/soup kitchen/coffee shop! Which means we will still have amazing coffee and also that we will be doing good in our neighborhood in this time of crisis.

We will be providing free Vegan Chili and Grilled Cheese as well as pantry items and large doses of hope. We would love it if our union members would join in this with us. If you would like to support us please stop by and grab a bag of your favorite Forty Weight Coffee, a Drink, a meal, or drop off some canned/dried goods or donate to our Gofundme." You can contact Garreth at


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Long before the pandemic, Local 600 member Hollis Meminger was already giving back. Through a non-profit that he created in 2016 called Bridgebuilder Cinematic Arts he has been teaching underserved kids in Baltimore, New York, St. Louis, and Atlanta the power of cinematic storytelling.


With the onset of Covid-19 Hollis recognized that these same kids are at a  disadvantage when it comes to home based learning due to lack of computers and internet connectivity. Concerned for their well being he connected with the United Way of Central Maryland as well as Baltimore Mayor Bernard Young and Governor Larry Hogan and has created a conduit to help get equipment into the hands of the kids who need it most right now.


To get involved and donate check out


Mumbai, India

From Member Sanjay Sami - "We organised a truckload of food. Grain, vegetables and suchlike to be delivered to a migrant labour camp. We organised contributions from people in my apartment block and we send a weekly truck load.

It’s something.

I feel terrible for the poor in this country. They starve if they don’t work.

It becomes our moral obligation to look after those less fortunate than us."